Marisa Powell | President

With a business major concentrating in Finance, Marisa means business.


From: Media, Pennsylvania,


Some fun facts: Marisa is involved in a hiphop dance group at Emory and the real estate club. She is also a certified scuba diver! Her favorite college memory is dancing at Culture Shock. 

Screen Shot 2021-10-26 at 8.11.53 PM - Jordan W.png

Jordan Watson | Vice President

Jordan is a double major in Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology and African American Studies. 

From: Alpharetta, Georgia

Some fun facts: Jordan is the AKA sorority, Emory SEED, the PhiDE Medical fraternity, American Medical Student Association, Emory Global Health Institute's Student Advisory Club, and plays in Emory Club Soccer. Her favorite college memory is Homecoming Weekend.

Another fun fact: her favorite animal is a cow. 

Lauren Stekler | Fundraising Chair 

IMG_9444 - Lauren Stekler.jpeg

Lauren is a major in Psychology and Economics with a concentration in Health Economics. 

From: Avon, Connecticut 

Some fun facts: Lauren is involved in research on campus in the Marcus Autism Center and Rollins Public School of Public Health. Her favorite college memory is attending Emory's celebration of Diwali in 2019. 

An extra fun fact: she can touch her nose with her tongue. 


Matt Wang | Secretary

Matt is a Computer Science major on the Premed track.

From: Boston, Massachusetts 

Some fun facts: Matt actually made this website! Matt likes swimming in his free time and has a lovely border collie named Lena.

Favorite college memory: Taco Tuesdays @ the Duc 


Lena | Dog

From: Boston, Massachusetts 

Favorite college memory: sniffing and licking people

Screen Shot 2021-10-20 at 9.39.53 PM - Advik Bharadwaj.png

Advik Bharadwaj | Freshman Representative

Advik is a Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology major. 

Some fun facts: Despite being completely wrong in his opinion, Advik likes any type of fruit on his pizza (this, grossly, includes kiwi). 

Favorite college memory: fall picnic at Lullwater Preserve with his friends. 

IMG_8963 - sincerely, silvia.jpg

Silvia | PR Chair

Silvia is a Business major with an undecided concentration. 

From: South Korea 

Some fun facts: she's in Emory's Enactus, East Asia Collective, Social Impact 360, and Emory SEED. She once got a shot in her eyelid without anesthesia (ouch!). 

Her favorite college memory: going to H-Mart with friends on the first day of school. 

Screen Shot 2021-10-18 at 10.15.09 PM - Ankitha Kumar.jpg

Ankitha Kumar | Freshman Representative

Ankitha is thinking about majoring in Sociology. 

From: Minnesota 

Some fun facts: Ankitha is involved in Emory Undergraduate Medical Review, SAHI, and the Hindu Student Association. 

Her favorite college memory: exploring Atlanta and the Hindu Student Association's Garba Night. 

One last fun fact: her birthday is on Valentine's Day!