What some of our past events have looked like:

Annotation 2021-06-12 193513.png

One Day @ Emory. March 13th, 2021

Over Zoom, students listened from the following groups:

  • Emory GIMG, an undergraduate investment group at Emory 

  • The Emory Pre-Medical Association, whose two club presidents discussed college, life, and research in the context of being a pre-medical student. 


One Day @ Emory. December 7th, 2019

In person, students attended: 

  • an Emory Ahana Acapella Interactive Presentation 

  • the Emory Carlos Museum 

  • a media workshop 


One Day @ Emory. November 2nd, 2019

In person, students

  • attended an Educational Gardens tour 

  • listened to an Emory EmPower Presentation 

  • and sat in on an Emory ECAST Presentation 

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